Sunday Brunch at Ethos Restaurant

After a week of events, networking and good food, the weekend ended on a high! I was invited to attend a special brunch at Ethos restaurant in Oxford Circus, organised in collaboration with More than Carrots, to have a taste of their new brunch menu.

Ethos restaurant – London (Credit:

Before I go into the story and the wonderful menu, I want to take a little paragraph or two to talk about my food philosophy.

I have always loved cooking with fresh fruit and veggies. The more I learned about nutrition and the food industry, the more my choices changed. I gave up meat and dairy this year and chose to remain ovo-pescatarian until I feel ready to transition fully to veganism.

Food is to be enjoyed, to nourish ouR bodies and make us thrive. Turning food into something negative doesn’t sit well with me. That is why I don’t give advice about a vegan lifestyle, but I choose to show how wonderful plant-based food is – how varied, how delicious and how versatile. It is my passion to create healthy foods, regardless of whether I call myself a vegan, pescatarian or vegetarian.

The brunch&learn event I attended at Ethos was a beautiful example of people coming together because they were curious about vegetarian and vegan food (regardless of their current diet or lifestyle). And they were welcomed and taught about great ingredients and ways of cooking, without being judged or told HOW to live or WHAT to eat.

I think that is the right way to help people make positive changes, changes they are happy to maintain long-term.


Right, that being said, let’s go back to Ethos. Ethos is a self-service restaurant located in the heart of central London, moments from Oxford Circus. They specialise in meat-free food that tastes as good as it is for you. And they operate a Pay by Weight System which means two wonderful things:

  1. You get to taste everything that you fancy from the buffet.
  2. You will probably be more aware of portion-size – the secret to maintaining a healthy & balanced life.

But let’s talk about the actual food now!

Here’s a sneak peak of the menu:

Portobello Hash

Portobello mushroom, fried egg, potato hash, pistachio pesto, balsamic glaze


Banana Bread French Toast

Banana bread coated in eggs and cinnamon with strawberry jam, orange yogurt, fresh strawberries and mint.

Watermelon Caprese

Mozzarella, watermelon, avocado, apricot glaze, olive oil


Sweet Potato & Kale Scramble

Kale, sweet potato, tofu, red onion, coconut oil, turmeric, cumin


Wow, it was so delicious! My favourite was indeed the tofu scramble option (an old favourite of mine), but I was very inspired by the portobello hash and the watermelon caprese – which can easily be turned into vegan versions by replacing the cheese with a vegan one, and opting for a no-egg option when it comes to the hash brown.

Ok, the banana bread was also heavenly! haha. Sorry guys, this isn’t a critic’s review, it was honestly great food, cooked to perfection, at a beautiful venue.

Oh, did I mention we also got to pile up a plate with the most gorgeous hot and cold foods from the buffet? Yep, that happened too. Here’s what you can find regularly if you go check it out:


So, if you are looking for a meat-eater-friendly place that doesn’t actually do meat, this one’s for you. Plenty to choose from, you won’t even miss the meat AND you get to try some gorgeous vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Now let me tell you about More than Carrots – what a cool name, right? Well, the long-short of it is this: If you want to start eating less meat, they can help.

They offer facts about the impact of eating less meat + nutrition, ideas for delicious meals and tips for great restaurants in your area. Best part? You can purchase their starter kit with all the info you need to start eating more fruit and veg.

I hope you guys found this little tale of where to find good food and support useful. I will probably check out new places and brands soon and report back.

Enjoy your food wherever you are in your journey!


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