3 Key Reasons to Choose Organic Products

Organic is not fancy. It’s not just for the wealthy either. I grew up on a farm where my family grew their crops organically in an attempt to save money, not to waste it. So this is what I learned first hand from my father and grandfather, who have been growing crops for over 60 years.


Organic agriculture uses natural fertilisers (animal manure, food compost, crop residue) instead of chemicals. Therefore, anything grown with pesticides and chemicals will then be absorbed by our bodies.

Quality and taste

The taste of organic products is also at its most natural and our bodies can recognise that unaltered DNA easier, so they are digested and absorbed better. It’s food as it should be.


Organic farming doesn’t harm the environment. In fact, it helps maintain the ecosystem – bees, bugs, wildlife and the people. When you choose organic products you are also supporting local and smaller farmers and producers.

Want more reasons to choose organic? The Soil Association has a lot more information on the topic here and in this cute inforgraphic.

Organic infographic

There are SO many offers on organic products this month, including 3 for 2 in Tesco and a £20 FREE bundle at Ocado with your next shop. This is just what I discovered myself, but check out this list.

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