When Life Gives You Lemons, Turn Them Into Easter Eggs

A couple of months ago I decided I needed to book my first adventure for this new year, as 2016 was so full of new experiences, travelling and the outdoors. So I had to keep it up!

And so I did. I booked a wonderful 5-day hiking trip, over the Easter weekend – to the Lake District in the UK – a place I’ve been meaning to visit for a looooong time. I even got a good friend of mine to sign up to it too, so we can go together. Hooray!

Helvellyn and Striding Edga

Four weeks before the trip…first change of plans: my friend couldn’t come anymore due to a work assignment abroad. No biggie, I could go with another friend, who wanted to go.

Seven days before our trip, I decide to give myself a pedicure, as the hottest weekend in London was upon us and I needed pretty toes. But some things should be left to the professionals. In fact, one wrong handling of the tool I was using cut a bit too deep into my big toe, and 24 hours later I was waking up in the middle of the night with a throbbing toe and sharp pain.

Yep, I got an infection. One that got worse, and worse over the course of the week, which also required a visit to the doctor and a course of antibiotics. Not being able to walk or put shoes on my feet, Thursday came along (the day of the trip) and I was faced with the option of going but not being able to do much, or staying and losing money.

I decided to stay in London.

And this is where the best bit happened. Instead of sulking and feeling sorry for myself, which I must admit I did for the first day, I decided to turn this weekend around and make it the best it could be. In fact, as my foot got better by Saturday morning, I planned a mini hike up Box Hill, Surrey – which made my day and changed the whole mood of the weekend.

I spent the afternoon in the warm sunny weather on the hill and headed home for a lovely home-cooked vegetarian meal, which I lovingly prepared 🙂

scotland WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONSIMG_2997IMG_3004IMG_3031IMG_2990IMG_3038IMG_3077IMG_3079IMG_3093

The next day, I was invited for Easter lunch at one of my friend’s parents house, and that turned out to be one of the happiest days ever – with good food, laughter, beautiful weather, a cosy pit fire, lots of wine and chocolate and pub quizzes!

In the past, I would never have been able to change my mindset so quickly. And even now I struggled a bit to accept this sudden change of plans and losing money. But it just goes to show that if you try to make the best of a situation and really push aside those blaming and negative thoughts, nothing can stop you! It’s always your mind. It is a powerful weapon and your mindset is what makes or breaks a situation.

Cheers and don’t forget to be more, chase less.

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