Mindfulness (Or The Power of Now)

This is a story about mindfulness.

I was walking down the street after work recently, taking in the rather mild winter air, – my head still buzzing with mundane thoughts: ‘What should I have for dinner?’, ‘Did I say the right thing in that meeting?’, ‘Have I got a lot planned for the weekend?’, ‘I need to remember to buy some detergent.’ And my mind kept going on and on, jumping from one subject to another, keeping me distracted…

But suddenly, it went quiet.

And then I started noticing… People rushing to do some last minute shopping, teenagers celebrating end of term, queuing cheerfully for chicken at Nando’s, bars and pubs buzzing with excitement, heavy traffic building up, much to the drivers’ frustration.

I had a strange, yet incredibly calming feeling of everything moving in slow motion. I felt present, connected to my surrounding, living in the now. It only lasted for a few seconds, as a warm breeze hit my face and I was listening to an artist playing the guitar near the tube station. It was a random combination of music, beautiful weather and … letting go. But that moment happened unconsciously. I didn’t plan or tried to be present.

That feeling of peace and pure joy is indescribable. And it’s linked to nothing. It’s just…being.

It doesn’t need space, time or other elements of form.

This is exactly what the book The power of now is trying to teach us. I read it recently but it was then when I understood what the following paragraph meant to say:

‘Please stop trying to understand Being. You have already had significant glimpses of Being, but the mind will always try to squeeze it into a little box and then put a label on it. It cannot be done. It cannot become an object of knowledge.[…]Being can be felt as the ever present I am that is beyond the name and form.’

Whether you’re religious, or not, any form of meditation and mindfulness will bring you closer to the state of being. I rarely experience this feeling of total disconnection from my overactive mind. But I noticed this happening when I’m out in nature, or while practicing yoga. And sometimes just by observing the world around me.

scotland landscape

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