Norway – A story of sea-kissed mountains and ridiculous excitement levels – Part 1

FINALLY! A reason to blog – inspired be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life.

When my good friends Ricky and Ian suggested we take this trip, I heard ‘Norway’ and thought of a city break. Little did I know that they planned a whole array of adventures and activities. Yes, they did warn me to pack gym clothes and comfortable shoes – but I imagined just a little walk here and there and then wasting time in the old city center, sipping wine and enjoying fresh sea food.

Let’s just say I had to buy hiking shoes and woolly socks on the way to our first adventure to the Preikestolen, due to my disbelief of this being an active escape, instead of a city break. For the first time, I didn’t organise the trip or any of the details and gave up control…for a short while 🙂

To get to our destination, we flew from London to Stavanger, then took the ferry to Tau, and we drove from there to Idse (in the Joperland district). Idse is a beautiful island village with dramatic views towards the sea-kissed mountains, scattered cute houses and fields of green barley.

When I caught a first glimpse of our cute wooden cabin, I couldn’t believe how pretty it was! And then I realised  we were going to spend five blissful days on that porch, relaxing in the rustic lounge, sipping tea, making fires and looking at the unspoiled scenery. ‘Perfection’, I thought to myself!

As it was Sunday afternoon when we got to the island, the supermarkets were closed and there were no restaurants in the area. We had brought just snacks and sweets. When I say ‘we’ I mean Ian and his parents, as you probably know I like my healthy food. The house owner left us some essentials which included: rice, sausages, butter, eggs, cheese, bread and marmalade. So we had to make dinner out of that! Here’s a snap shot of ‘Rice sausages a la Ricky with a fried egg’. Mmmmmmmm

Oh, I forgot to tell you that, when travelling with an English family, MILK for tea is a vital necessity. Luckily, Norway is known for its many farms and milk production…so we went on a mission to find milk. And we did – on a farm near by, where we also found this football-loving dog and the nicest neighbours who gave us the milk for free. I also had a go at ushering the cows inside the barn.

This video pretty much sums up the first day on the island and my ridiculous excitement!

The interesting thing about Norway in the summer is that it doesn’t get dark, until after midnight. The temperature varies between 10-20 degrees Celsius throughout the day, and for me, that is ideal 🙂 You can hike, run, walk without sweating like a … cow? We took full advantage of the long summer hours and made barbecues, sunbathed and enjoyed the simple island life.


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