Oxford on a rainy day – Foodies Festival

Despite a rather rainy day this Sunday, we went to Oxford for the Foodies Festival and regretted nothing.

From spiraled potatoes on a skew, to the biggest Persian wrap I ever had, Prosecco bars and coconut water, there was a lot to stuff your face with.

I started with olives – big, juicy, marinated olives.

Then moved on to the Persian wrap, packed full with fresh vegetables, hummus, more olives and beautifully cooked lemon chicken. It went down a treat with a glass of Rioja rose wine.

To my surprise, there weren’t many sweets and bakery goodies around. I was slightly disappointed, but pleased there weren’t more temptations to influence my waist line.

The best thing I took away from the festival was in fact a leaflet from this amazing company that delivers fresh organic produce to your door. You would think it’s super expensive and that they charge for delivery. The answer is ‘no’ to both questions.

Check out Riverford Organic Farms.  I can’t wait to order my first box of veg and fruit! (this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I just get super excited about organic produce)

Once we were all fed up (pun intended) we went for a walk through beautiful Oxford. I made a quick stop at LUSH and got myself a deliciously smelling body scrub and a naturally hydrating face mask.

And we ended our day on a city rooftop, with cocktails and cupcakes. By this point I stopped taking photos, it was time to enjoy the view.

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