Hampstead Heath

Me and my friend Diana love spending our Sundays in Hampstead Heath. We don’t just take the journey up north because of the beautiful Parliament Hill view or the old-fashioned bathing ponds; we like to look at houses and day dream about how it would be like to live there.

So we imagine ourselves waking up every morning, taking in the view from our (separate) two-floor terraced houses and getting ready to go for a coffee at one of the local artisan coffee shops on the high street. Oh, it would be so lovely to shop for groceries locally from the quirky organic shops, take a walk up the hill with our kids to teach them how to fly a kite, and in the evenings have a glass of wine at those cosy little family restaurants that look like someone’s dining room. Who knows? Maybe one day…

Just to put into images some of those thoughts, here are a few snaps from Hampstead. I will probably update this post every time I go up there and can concentrate to capture the essence of this beautiful North London haven.

Hampstead view by the ponds
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Hampstead pond
Hampstead Parliament Hill
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View from Parliament Hill, Hampstead
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View from Parliament Hill over Highgate
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Hampstead Heath
Sunny day in Hampstead Heath, August 2015
Hampstead Heath
Walk in Hampstead Heath


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  1. Angela Steed says:

    Just moved to London and love this post. I’ll have to head here and explore sometime soon.

    1. Maria says:

      You will love it! And funnily enough, I still haven’t been to Borough Market. Your post made me want to go there even more now! haha. Welcome to the beautiful, expensive, but totally-worth-it London. I’ll keep an eye on your updates, keep them coming 😀 x

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