Brussels with a touch of Bruges

I took a trip to Brussels in May and loved every second of it. As you might have guessed by now, I am a foodie. In fact, my favourite part about travelling is getting to eat in lots of new places and experience new dishes.

That is how I discovered the most delicious beef stew, Carbonnade a la Flamande, which my boyfriend and I savoured in the coziest, most low-key restaurant in Bruges (Nieuw Walnutje). I remember it being particularly cold that day, and this comforting dish was all I needed to feel warm and happy again.

Carbonade a la Flamande, Bruges
Nieuw Walnutje restaurant in Bruges

While we’re talking about food, I need to recommend one of the best breakfast places in Bruxelles: Peck 47, Rue Marche Aux Poulets 47, Brussels, Belgium. This place has all my ideal breakfast/brunch meals accompanied by the yummiest and healthies smoothies and juices. Do not miss a chance to go check it out!

IMG_6009 IMG_6011


Below are some highlights of Brussels, through my eyes lens.

IMG_5963      IMG_6029



You must not miss the Maison Antoine frites, as they are the best in town!

Maison Antoine, 1, place Jourdan, 1040 Bruxelles (Etterbeek)



Delirium is one of the most famous places in Brussels. Apart from the fact it sells over 400 types of beer, it has a cool vibe that suddenly makes you feel alive and ready to party. And I am definitely not a fan of clubbing or partying. But there was something special about this place!



You cannot go visit Brussels without trying some local mussels and sea food paella. However, you will be overwhelmed with choice. I can’t recommend a particular place, but do bear in mind some of them offer rather mediocre dishes.



Day trip to fairy tale Bruges



IMG_6467  IMG_6561



World famous Belgian waffles! Word of caution: don’t pick the cheap 1 Euro waffles they sell on the streets, do some research into proper, authentic waffle houses in Brussels. We had the most amazing fresh waffles in Bruges, at Missault.


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  1. bramypark says:

    Great pictures! I was also in Bruxelles and Bruges in May and the food was definitely the best part. I also remember seeing the Mammy and Pappy figurines at the market in Bruges!

    1. Maria says:

      Thank you very much! 🙂 I must admit I don’t remember the Mammy and Pappy figurines, but then again, we were aimlessly wondering around mesmerized by everything. We might have missed them, haha. You should write about your trip on Bramypark, I would love to see your pics and thoughts on it! Good luck with your degree, it’s a very interesting one – French and Geography!

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